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Who is Taylor Strickland?


Taylor was a young man who lived out his faith, dedicated to his family and friends. He, his mom Toni, and his dad Tim, lived in Alpharetta, GA having been active members of North Point Community Church.  Throughout Taylor's life he pursued serving others through missions at home and abroad.  He was a dedicated leader of a middle school group and mentored young men during their most important formative years.  He was an Eagle Scout.  He loved the outdoors and high adventure including fishing, snowboarding, scuba diving, boating, and wake boarding.  Taylor loved sports and was a skilled wrestler.  Taylor's faith led him to be baptized on a mission trip with his family when he was 12.   Taylor unfortunately left us much too soon on September 6, 2016, at 23 years old.  Taylor was involved in a fatal car accident which claimed his life on his way from his job in Alpharetta to a work project in North Carolina.  His beloved dog Axle lives with Taylor's parents and brings great joy to those who know him!

Nothing Left Unsaid


When Taylor passed away, one thing his parents held on to was that nothing was left unsaid between them. Taylor knew he was fully and completely loved by them, and they knew he loved them, by his words and actions in life. From that, the phrase "nothing left unsaid" was coined by the Stricklands to encourage us all to take any opportunity to say what needs to be said to others.      


You shall teach them to your sons, talking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up.  

Deuteronomy 11:19 


Christ in the Smokies

Christ in the Rockies


Christ in the Smokies

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A Scholarship


In order to honor Taylor and to remember his legacy of faith, love of family and others, the Stricklands and close family friends desire to bless a father and son with a trip to Christ in the Smokies from June 14-18, 2020  The purpose for annual scholarships is to remember Taylor-- to continue his legacy of Christian faith and service, to encourage the development of faith in young men, understand manhood from God’s perspective, and to deepen not only their relationship with their Heavenly Father, but with their earthly Father as well.  It had always been Taylor’s father’s greatest priority to hold deep and abiding ties with his son, and to grow him into the man God created him to be.  Attending Christ in the Rockies in the summer of 2015 was one of the many important times they shared together.  This summer Christ in the Rockies was replicated in Highlands, NC and appropriately called Christ in the Smokies.  During Taylor’s short time on earth, he made a big impact on other’s lives because of the core values he held dear.  Scholarships for 2019 camp are a way of continuing that impact with future generations of young men and their fathers.  


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Taylor's Legacy Scholarship


In 2017, the first year of awarding scholarships through Taylor's foundation there was such an outpouring of compassion, and belief in how God planned to use Taylor's life that 3 father and son teams were sent to and participated in Christ in the Rockies.

2018 saw great excitement as we readied to fund father son teams to the inaugural year of Christ in the Smokies.  Six scholarships were awarded to Christ in the Smokies and 1 scholarship was awarded to Christ in the Rockies.  Lives were changed as God peeled back the veil for a glimpse of His very perfect and grace filled plan.  

As we approached 2019, the 3rd year of giving scholarships away in Taylor’s name, nominations began coming in from across the country. That in of itself was exciting as we realized word was spreading. The experience of gifting a father and son, a trip to Christ in the Smokies allows us to keep introducing Taylor to new people. Talking about him, sharing who he was and how he impacted the world, helps those of us left behind to find comfort and thrive while remaining eternally connected to him. We all struggle to cope with life after loss; however, these experiences are generating love and hope beyond what we could ever have imagined. 



Recipients of Taylor's Legacy Scholarship

David & Preston Mitchell - 2017

2017 Scholarship Recipients

David and his son Preston attended Christ  in the Rockies, in Colorado in July 2017.  Preston shared that it was a "wonderful trip this summer that was truly something my father and I will never forget. We learned a lot together and he and I will hold that trip and those memories very close in our hearts."

Wade & Bennett McKinney - 2017


Wade and his son Bennett participated in Christ in the Rockies, in Colorado in June 2017.  Bennett was nominated for this trip by his church small group leader because of his pursuit of relationship with God, leadership qualities, service to community, love of the outdoors and strong values.

Scott & Blaise Robinson - 2017


Blaise attended Christ in the Rockies in Colorado in June 2017, with his father Scott.  Blaise and Scott said their experience was life changing, fulfilling their expectations for a Father-Son adventure.

Russ & Tyler Sommer - 2018


My son Tyler heard Tim speak about Christ in the Smokies at Northpoint Church, brought the brochure home, and said to his mom, ”I want to do this with Dad”. His mom and I divorced when he was very young and I was not as involved with him as he needed me to be early in his life. In the past several years, we have spent more time together and I have become more involved, but there was always a desire on both our parts to build a deeper relationship. So now at 18, he invited me to attend  this retreat and I am so glad he did and so very grateful that Taylor’s foundation provided a way for us to go. This was a real bonding time for Tyler and me. We learned more about each other in one short week than we have in years. All the vital elements were there: discovery, learning, adventure, challenge and fellowship with other fathers and sons. We learned solid principles that serve to equip and grow us in the journey of manhood, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I would tell every father and son to come to Christ in the Smokies and experience a new level of closeness in your relationship.

John & Dave Woodall - 2018


Christ In The Smokies provided my son and me an opportunity to be together, experience great adventures together and share words of love and life and blessing that we would not say in normal day life and living. Thank you Stricklands and Team for creating the perfect environment for fathers and sons to connect at the deepest of levels. It will NEVER be forgotten.

Greg & Grayson Routt - 2018


Prior to attending, besides my desire for Grayson to reconnect w Christ and a strong desire to present him with his Blessing at 25, we both went into this trip with y’alls motto of leaving Nothing unsaid… and for 4 1/2 days and nights we did just that.  This resonated with Grayson and I… words can truly never adequately describe the feeling or moments in time last week, especially during the blessing, hiking/river trip talks, and passage to manhood ceremony, it’s a special GIFT that Grayson and I are tremendously grateful for and truly wish every dad and son could experience.

Bailey & Mitchell Lamb - 2018


Bailey shared that "CITS has changed our relationship.  It has brought us closer through the deep, meaningful father-son discussions" while Mitchell shared that it was "Incredibly impactful to my relationships with both my earthly Father and heavenly Father.  Gave me an entire new perspective on where to go in life, from this point on."

David & Drew Henriksen - 2018

a MUST do for fathers and their sons who are entering adulthood.  Christ in the Smokies offered a un

This is a MUST do for fathers and their sons who are entering adulthood.  Christ in the Smokies offered a unique and compelling combination of adventure, father/son growth time, and fellowship with men.  This was one of the defining moments for my relationship with Drew and one we will never forget.  The agenda was just right - not too packed, but with great content and activities.  Thank you to Tim and Toni and the entire CITS team for an incredible experience!

TIm & Jack Baker - 2018


Soul feeding.  Jack and I were already really close but this really enhanced and accelerated our love for each other.

Scott & Ethan Brookins - 2018


Attending Christ in the Rockies, Ethan said "the week was a time of re-evaluating and re-centering my life and focus".  Scott felt blessed by the camp and having an amazing time with his son.

John & Sebastian Munoz - 2019


Sebastian describes Christ in the Smokies teaching as “Breaking the chains of apprehension that societal masculinity teaches, to make a man through vulnerability & authenticity".

Mike Teston & Evan Morris - 2019


Evan said , “I came up (to Christ in the Smokies) not knowing what to expect. I came up with open hands. The first night we had immediate authenticity. That was the hook for me. It was worth it because it was real. A lot of truth was communicated. We had a fun time. We grew. It reinforced so many truths we may gloss over.”

Daniel & Andrew Watkins - 2019


After attending Christ in the Smokies, Andrew shared "It was a great unexpected bonding with my father on what it means to be a man."

Daniel noted the challenges that men face.  "Men do not want to be vulnerable. Not good at sharing their feelings. They don’t know how to do it, showing weakness and failure. Dad’s struggle to do that with their sons." For he and Andrew it was "an absolutely fantastic week with my son.  It gave Andrew and I time to think deeper about some issues."

Mike & Josiah Gross - 2019


During their time together at Christ in the Smokies, Mike said "To share our feelings with one another and to know – that life is hard – entering manhood we are walking side by side now as we serve our Father and to not be afraid to ask any questions….there’s something about a community of men, and the two of us are a community of men."

Chris & Brock Davis - 2019


Chris called his time at Christ in the Smokies "An incredible meaningful time to focus on being a better father and husband. It has changed me to live a meaningful life with others and Christ."  As significantly Brock shared that it was "A life changing experience that taught me how to be a leader and growing my relationship with my father and God. It gives me incentive to not fall back in to sin."

Ari & Aiden Durham - 2019


As a young man Aiden embraced the time at Christ in the Smokies, declaring, "The blessing from my dad really impacted me. I wanted to know 'what does he think of me'. I wanted to hear my dad say that 'you’ve got what it takes'.  Ari enjoyed that "Everything was intentional, relational and Christ centered with the backdrop of outdoor adventure." 

Future Scholarship


Future Scholarship


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